Bagi Kopi is a coffee shop chain originally from Bandung, Indonesia. Now they already have 24 branches in 9 cities across Indonesia.

“A Safe Space for Everyone” is a message and story that Bagi Kopi holds and shares, so everyone can enjoy peace and intimacy through “Berbagi Lewat Secangkir Kopi” at their place without any pressure.



We worked on the new visual identity of Bagi Kopi, by giving a new color to make this brand more unique, versatile and different from its competitors.​


Branding & Visual Identity
Graphic Design
Offline Design
Social Media Optimization
Architecture & Interior Design


Bandung, Indonesia


Bagi Kopi


Coffee Shop

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Branding & Visual Identity by Durë
Creative Director Argianto Fendy Fadia
Strategist & Producer Ferdy Ferida Budiman
Copywriter Ferdy Ferida Budiman
Lead Graphic Designer Rival Ronaldi
Graphic Designer Achmad Nur Jabbar, Amelia Damayanti, Agung Pratama
Content Writer Nida Yasmin
Photographer Bagja Sugiharto, Argianto Fendy Fadia
Social Media Admin Erilda Kusuma
Architecture & Interior Design by Bijo
Lead Architect Bagja Sugiharto
Creative & Researcher Argianto Fendy Fadia, Ferdy Ferida Budiman
Project Manager Rifki Ihsan
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